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A ghostly siren song escapes from the cracks of a lonely door. It’s haunting melody drifts on the cold night air, whispering a gentle dare to come closer. The red light above the door flickers as if trying to warn you that there is more than just a love song behind this door. “It’s passion at it’s worst, but it’s so good”, she says. It’s too late, you are in and will never be the same.


The songs of Krsy Fox will haunt you long after the candles have burned out and the last bottle of wine has been emptied. Sex and sadness, passion and pain. The violence of family values. The mad horror of love. It’s all here. Close your eyes and listen.




Knee High Fox is an Alt insanity band out of Los Angeles CA.

 Singer Krsy Fox is a front woman with the kind of energy that takes you on a rollercoaster both in the bands recordings and at their live shows. From singing soft gentle emotional moments, to rapping, to belting big chorus’s and then screaming like a young girl scorned she tells the stories behind their thematic songs. The band formed in 2011 and released their debut single ‘Black Widow’ in February of 2013 exclusively with Revolver Mag. The songs racy lyrics and the edgy darkness and blood orgy in the music video immediately grabbed fans and critics attention. The band has since grown a cult following with releases like their EP ‘Unknown Skeleton’ in 2014 and their first full length album ‘Obey The Cross’ in October of 2015. Also a 2 song EP ‘Burning Down The Steeple’ in 2017.

The band is known for their live show and intense visuals in their artwork and videos. With heavy aggressive bass lines from Simon Nagel, to eccentric and intense high energy drum beats from Harley Dewinter, to melodic and unique guitar work from Sam Bam Koltun the four piece brings you on a journey into primary songwriter Krsy Fox’s crazy head. 

Their new 2018 full length album ‘JAWBREAKER’ has taken the bands love for electronics, beats, rhythmic rap, alternative sounds, guitars, a lot of low end, and big chorus’s, clever and honest lyrics, and created an experience of ups and downs. Krsy Fox has always talked about her intense passion for dark cult 90’s movies like ‘The Craft’,  ‘Jawbreaker’, ‘Foxfire’, ‘Girl Interrupted’, and ‘American Beauty’. She wanted to capture the feeling those films gave her as a young girl within the new album. “They always effected what has inspired me and the way I Iooked at visuals and excepted my crazy girl feelings, and my always being a bit of an outsider, even though I’m usually the loudest person in the room”. With songs like ’WITCH’ thats a wild ride into Krsy’s darker side, to deep songs like ‘Relapse’ where she lays it all out about a toxic relationship she keeps wanting to slip back into, the new album has something for everyone.

Knee High Fox have been touring since 2014 extensively headlining and with acts like Marilyn Manson, Powerman 5000, Hed PE, Theory Of A Deadman, Orgy etc. The band has a great live following and are looking forward to their new album’s release. ‘JAWBREAKER’ is a game changer for Knee High Fox and will be beginning its alternative infiltration March 29th 2018.


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